21 August 2007

Welcom back everyone. I am going to load some objectives that I have started. I hope everyone continues to use this site to share infor especially with all the extra stuff that we have to do.


11 April 2007

many thanks to the scientia crew for proving that there isn't any reason why a problem needs to be solved twice.


11 December 2006

Anatomy and Embryo Tutorials and practice questions
For those of you that are unaware, there is a site on the monitor that provides websites for other schools and resources for tutorials and practice questions. The direct site is http://monitor.meduohio.edu/depts/aec/ed_resource.html


10 November 2006

special thanks to christine hong for getting us scans of the required readings from the purple FCP book. you can find them in the block 5 section. i've also uploaded the entire green book in a seven-part pdf series for your viewing pleasure.


03 November 2006

I have typed up all of the definitions and posted them in a new link for block 2. Computer geniuses, please help me by adding a link in the navigation area, and you can change the set up of the link I made so that it is more like the other lectures. - Tania

30 October 2006

so i've done about all the objectives that i was going to do. sorry to disappoint the home crowd. argh...so screwed for the test(s).


26 October 2006

I have alot of objectives from the second years if you think that would be helpful

25 October 2006

i'm a little behind with the objectives. any help would be appreciated!


15 October 2006

ok, i finished the vitamin B12/folate objectives.



14 October 2006

I put up the objectives for Dignam's lecture up to number 22. I haven't done the vitamin B12/folate objectives yet but i wrote out all the questions already and provided the page numbers where you can find the results. I'll be doing them later probably but please feel free to help me out and fill a few of them out.


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12 October 2006

i've started to kind of put objectives on the wikipage for unit 4. not sure if anybody still cares, but i'll be updating them more or less regularly. please feel free to help me out with the objectives. i like to go by the philosophy that if we divide the work, we can get things done faster and have more time for mess around.


09 October 2006

good luck everybody!


05 October 2006

Per Dr. Dignam..."As things stand at the moment, I am assuming we will have a reveiw session at 3:00 today in room 436 BHS. I am also planning to give a review on Friday at 3:30. Can you make everyone aware of this?At the moment the meeting on Friday seems to be a rumor."

03 October 2006

The old objectives/lectures from the yahoo group have been moved for storage here at the wikispaces site. You can find links for them near the bottom of the main page. - mike

Few people have signed up for Dr. Dignam's review and the day preference was about 50:50 (thurs:fri). He suggested having it @ 3:00pm on either day (or both). Those interested should e-mail him directly to set up a the time. - Tania
Dr. Dignam writes:
I am perfectly willing to do it twice. I reserved the room (436 Block Health Science) in the Biochemistry department for 3 to 5 Thursday and 3:30 to 5 on Friday. I can also talk to people individually.

02 October 2006

Free food tomorrow, Monday morning, at the cafeteria!
UT is having their homecoming this week. Most of the events are on main campus, but tomorrow morning there will be free food for students from 7:30-10 in the cafeteria. I have no idea what it'll be, but free is free!

21 September 2006

Hi everyone. I got my cousin to make us a logo for the page. I also uploaded it to the Yahoos page. Hope you like the new look.


19 September 2006

FYI's :
FCP: There is an FCP discussion #2 due by the 21st of September. I don't know why it was not announced in class.
PBL: Here is a web site where you can hear recordings of lung sounds http://www.rale.ca/Recordings.htm


6 September 2006

I wouldn't mind stepping in and posting my notes on the wiki, I didn'tget good notes today, but I'll be sure to do a much better jobtomorrow, and see how it goes. Also I have posted the 2006 Exam 1 statistics in the study aids section.


Hey everybody.

So I have some bad news today. I didn't do as well as I hoped on thefirst exam, though I didn't fail. Nonetheless, I'm thinking of changingmy studying strategy. As a result, I'm no longer going to be takingnotes on my computer during class as I am starting to feel that itdistracts from my learning -- I guess I'm just not smart enough to dotwo things at a time.

I'm not going to update the wikisite with the daily notes anymore butwill likely be contributing in a more limited capacity. If somebodyelse wants to take up the responsibility for note taking, please riseto the occasion and I will do what I can to help you get started. Ihave never thought of the utcom2010 wikispaces as "my" website butalways as "our" website, and I hope that someone in our class willcontinue with what we started here.

Thank you for the support of the wikispace contributors and theinteresting discussions we shared. Many apologies to any inconvenienceI may have caused.



2 September 2006

Courtesy of Sunil, we have uploaded some exams from previous years for collective study. You can find them in the study aid's section of the main page.

1 September 2006

In the helpful study aids section I have added an alphabetized list ofthe diseases and the chemical treatments that are important in thefirst exam. You might find it helpful to print the pages and see if youknow the importance of each one.

30 August 2006

I've decided not to put up my notes for PBL mostlybecause I'm not sure how to do it in a coherent manner. If anybody elsewants to give it a shot, please be my guest.

29 August 2006

I put up what notes I got today for the epithelial tissue lab and theelectron transport lecture. However, I feel that I missed a bit of theelectron transport lecture, so if somebody could take a look at what Ihave posted and supplement those notes, that would be great.

28 August 2006

Epithelial tissues lecture objectives are up.

Blood lecture objectives are up.

I added in today's lecture on the TCA cycle but I don't know howhelpful it will be for anybody since it doesn't have any diagrams whichare so integral to the lecture (and also making it very hard to takesnotes for via computer).

Also, I put up notes from today's FCP lecture but I didn't writeanything down during the discussion. Not sure how useful having notesfor FCP, but they're here if anybody wants them.

27 August 2006

I tried to integrate a blog for the announcement pages but not havingany luck. I'm considering removing the announcement feed from thewebpage and just posting up new announcements and archiving themmanually so that it won't track every single little change we make.

I'm still trying to get the "News and Announcements" feed to readproperly, so please bear with me while it's all messed up for a while.If brute force doesn't work, you're not using enough.

Ok, several new changes tonight and I'll try to summarize them as follows:

  • I removed the "Membership Instructions" from the main page and placed it in the newly created FAQs page.I placed a FAQs section on the main page and also added a link on thenavigation menu on the left so that you can always find it no matterwhat page you happen to be on. The instructions for starting a new discussion that ricci generously wrote has also been place in the FAQs.
  • Thenew feeds on the main page for "Recent Discussions" appears to beworking well but the "News and Announcements" may take a few daysbefore my inital fixes scroll off and you actually start seeing the newannouncements instead of my mistakes. Clicking on the announcement feedwill bring you the the history page for "News and Announcements" withthe new posts highlighted as the new text inserted. Hopefully, we won'tmake additional edits on top of a new entry or else that would screw upthe feed on the main page so please use the preview function liberallywhen editing in the "News and Announcements" section. Currently, themain page feeds for "News and Announcements are set to show the newest3 edits while the feed for "Recent Discussions" is set to show thenewest 5 edits. These can be adjusted as necessary. Both feeds updateautomatically but not instantaneously -- Wikispaces says that it willtry to update very hour, but it seems to update between every 30-45minutes.
  • A link for Discussion was also added to the navigation menu on the left. Unlike the feed on the main page, clicking on the Discussionon the navigation menu will bring you to a page that should show you alist of all the posts on all the discussion pages on the site.(Techically, I couldn't figure out how to make wikispaces display all discussion entries, so I just set it to display the first 1,000,000 which I can always adjust higher if we do hit a million.)

I think that's about it. I want to try to put any new announcements fora given day under the same Thanks to everybody to participated in thediscussions so I could see how cool it was to have a feed on the mainpage! =p

26 August 2006

How to Start a New Discussion:
  1. Click on the page where the discussion is most relevant (i.e. Intro to Proteins 1, Blood, etc.).
  2. Onceyou are in that wiki page, click on the "discussion" tab at the top ofthe page (right next to Edit This Page, page, history...).
  3. Write what you want under the "Post Message" section.
  4. Recently discussed messages will appear automatically on the main page in the "Recent Discussions" section.

I moved the News and Announcementsto its own wikipage and put in an RSS feed on the home page.Additionally, I also placed in an RSS feed for all discussion pages sothat we can see who's posted anything new in the discussion. Lastly,there's a new Sandbox page for people who want to mess around with the wikispaces features.

Greetings to all our new members! I hope you all found that that youcan change your picture on your profile so you don't all have to havethat dreary-eyed not-so-happy face. Also, remember that you can postquestions and stuff in the discussion sections of the lecture notepages (I posted a couple questions in the Blood lecture discussionmyself if anybody wants to help me answer them). Lastly, this "News andAnnouncement" section is yours too so please feel free to add any wiki-or class-related announcements. Happy posting!

25 August 2006

Welcome everybody! utcom2010.wikispaces.com officially launches!